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Time For a Change...

So it's been a while, hasn't it? Since I've seen fit to spill my life onto this little journal. There's a few things that you've all missed!

I got back from Sicily! Oh, wait, you know that.

I'm making arancini at Devon's house tonight. Sushi rice is perfect. :D It's wonderful and STICKY. =~= Expensive though...

I have a rat! :] He's cute, and his name is Lucky. Cos he didn't get eaten by the snake.

I'm getting my own apartment! Time to see if I can live on my own!

I have a crush on someone far far away. :3 That's alright. It's safer that way, y'know?

Uh... a new Scooby Do is on. XD IT's got the new and old gang. It's kinda hilarious. But Devon is gonna be home soon... so off I go!